Wednesday, July 13, 2022

CP/M is (more) officially open source

This is good news! Let's see more of these classic operating systems go open for a new retrocomputing generation. Specifically, from Bryan Sparks, the current owner of DRDOS and associated IP from Digital Research,
Let this paragraph represent a right to use, distribute, modify, enhance, and otherwise make available in a nonexclusive manner CP/M and its derivatives. This right comes from the company, DRDOS, Inc.'s purchase of Digital Research, the company and all assets, dating back to the mid-1990's. DRDOS, Inc. and I, Bryan Sparks, President of DRDOS, Inc. as its representative, is the owner of CP/M and the successor in interest of Digital Research assets.
This was to clear up an apparent earlier misunderstanding that Sparks' earlier open release of CP/M in 2001 was restricted to distribution via a particular site. Sparks clarified this was not his intent.

Overall, would I prefer a more conventional open-source license? Sure. But he didn't have to do this then, he didn't have to do this now, and he did. So, thanks, Bryan.

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