Monday, August 30, 2021

More Tomy Tutor homebrew

Even the more obscure machines have their homebrews, and for the Tomy Tutor, I'm not just talking about third-pary tapes (though those are a thing too). In addition to 2018's Team Europe bounty (two multicarts and a reproduced "Game Adaptor" for those cartridges requiring additional addressing lines), a couple gamepads wired for the Tomy Tutor turned up on eBay. They are available in singles and doubles to replace either the Joy Stick or the Joy Controllers. Since the Tutor uses a unique pinout, these must indeed be made specifically for it; they all work fine with the Pyūta as well. (Not affiliated, just satisfied.)

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  1. This is awesome. We had one when I was a kid and they were new. My mom was the Jungler queen. We used to just watch her play, she was so good.