Sunday, March 7, 2021

Over the weekend: Commodore 128DCR keyboard extension, updates to Be-Power

Just some potpourri over the weekend. While working on other stuff and doing laundry, I finally put that keyboard extension on my Commodore 128DCR so I can put the keyboard in my lap if I want to. Any straight-thru DB-25 will work, so I used a 3-foot parallel printer extension cable.

Also, I was pointed to some additional BeOS PowerPC files, so I deduped and sorted them, and they are on Be-Power. Among other things there are now many more apps and also some of the OS updates. I also heard from someone who claims to have the old archive completely mirrored, though for obvious reasons I'm mostly just interested in the PowerPC stuff. Haven't heard back from him yet when I asked for more details, but that's very encouraging for having a nearly complete mirror.

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